Duchy of Virundal

The Duchy of Virundal is a monarchy based in the Frostfern Valley, a region north and east of the Thundermoot Mountains. The valley is approximately 100 miles east to west and 50 miles north to south. North of the Duchy are the remnants of The Great Kingdom. The largest and most important realm in the world for over 1,000 years. The Duchy is in a temperate region and has a swift current flowing south along the coast.

The entire valley supports agriculture on a large scale. Generally, farms north of the Frostfern River focus upon grain and vegetable production in the broad alluvial plain. South of the river, ranches raise cattle on the lower grassy hills and sheep on the upper hills.

Another major product of the Duchy is temperate hardwood of all types. The focus of the timber industry in the Duchy is Bern’s Lumber Camp for the felling of trees and Saint Cadar for rudimentary lumber processing. Newfort also processes smaller amounts of timber sent down the Frostfern River. Rivermeet is the hub for lumber processing and ships processed hardwood on into Virundal’s carpentry shops.

Mineral extraction is focused on the Jayrsuden Deeps. There the dwarves mines metals, semi-precious, and precious gems. These raw materials are either worked by the dwarves before being sent to market in Rivermeet and Virundal or the raw ores are sent in shipping barges down the Crystalrush River.

Finally, fish and other ocean products are gathered by fishing fleets sailing out of Virundal. While the Duchy was once a center for the building and maintenance of vast fleets of fishing, merchant, and naval vessels, that ended around 100 years ago. Virundal, like most of the world, has been forced by The Troubles to focus upon internal issues. A small naval fleet is maintained for coastal defense but the last foreign vessel to visit Virundal moored almost twenty years ago.

Saint Cadar
Meadow’s End

Frostfern River
Crystalrush River
Bern’s Brook
Fallstone River
Sea of Spires

Red Redoubt
Jayrsuden Deeps
Bern’s Lumber Camp

Thundermoot Mountains
Mount Snowfire
Ashwood Caverns
Bloomstone Caverns
Sea Spray Hills
The Green Rot
The Emerald Expanse

Duchy of Virundal

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