This is the starting town for the campaign.

Northglenn has three major sources of income: timber processing along the Frostfern River, livestock moved north to go to market, and grain and vegetables from just north of the town. While there are some workshops in Northglenn, most finished goods are shipped to the town from Virundal and Rivermeet.

The majority of Northglenn’s population is human. There are several halfling families from Meadow’s End as well as the occasional elf from The Emerald Expanse and visiting dwarves from the Jayrsuden Deeps. The permanent population of the town hovers around 500 but swells to well over 1,000 on market days (the first and third Firstday of each month). The celebration of local festivals are generally shifted to coincide with the nearest market day.

Most of the town is constructed of wood, some with stone foundations. Predictably, fore is a grave concern in Northglenn and the Fraternal Order of Fire Tamers provides fire protection for the town and is funded through the annual Cinder Tax.

There are three notable stone structures in Northglenn. The Temple of the SIsters is purported to have been constructed when The Great Kingdom was young. The temple is dominated by seven delicate stone towers constructed in a spiral. Riverkeep has served as the traditional protective structure for Northglenn and the Frostfern River for over a century. The Sheriff of Northglenn is based at the keep. When the Duke of Virundal holds court in Northglenn or royal magisters visit, they generally reside at the Keep. The Three Arches Bridge is an impressive crossing over the Frostfern River. The bridge was built wide enough to allow market stalls to be erected on market days when the squares of the town are overflowing.


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